Aerial Wild Adventure

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Abu got lost in a storm. Help him rescue all the chicks and find their way back home and… beware of the dangers in the wilderness!

The road home won’t be easy but nobody knew it would be so much fun!

The game takes you into the role of Abu, a small bird that got lost in a storm. Now you have to fly him back home and rescue all the little chicks. The road home is full of dangers to avoid.

Fly through impressive 3D sceneries, with high-quality console-level per-pixel lighting and visual effects, and enjoy a classic and easy game play.

The game is available for all Android-enabled devices with support for OpenGL ES 2 graphics.

Chapter and level selection


  • Impressive 3D visuals with full-scene per-pixel dynamic lighting.
  • Configurable graphic level.
  • Support for both large and small screens.
  • Lots of challenging fun-filled levels.
  • Look for helpful power-ups.
  • Get trophies for being the best fruit collector, and achieve the best times.

Stay tuned for regular updates featuring brand-new levels and fun!

Bridge - Chapter 2Early morning - Chapter 2Snow - Chapter 2Night - Chapter 2Noon - Chapter 1Cave - Chapter 1


Get it on Google Play

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